Rome and the Vatican. 1:15 000

Rome and the Vatican. 1:15 000

Туризм. Путеводители. Транспорт. It is suitable for everybody interested in Rome and the Vatican without a need for carrying heavy guides. This is a smart and convenient combination of a map and a guide book in which the most interesting touristic attractions are clearly marked on a full scale map (one side) and are precisely described on the other side. Great idea for travelers interested in short or mid time visiting in Rome and the Vatican, but also as an additional help for any guide book map: city plan 1:15 000 & super scale centre 1:10 000, inset map of EUR, metro map, street indexguide: most attractive sights, travel information, events calendarSize of a map: 68 x 45 cm (unfolded)/ 9,6 x 22 cm (when folded)Die - cutting and lamination technology used in Europa .

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